‘The More You Will Hate Me, The More I will Love You, Modi Ji’: Rahul Gandhi

‘The More You Will Hate Me, The More I will Love You, Modi Ji’: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul’s Promise To Chandigarh

Chandigarh Airport to be made Fully-Functional International Airport so that         Chandigarh becomes an International center

 Property ownership rights will be given

No government permission needed to start your business at least for the first three years

The Voice of Chandigarh: Photo T S Bedi

In Chandigarh to campaign for local Congress candidate for Lok Sabha elections, Pawan Kumar Bansal, Congress National President Rahul Gandhi said, that he is startled that Chandigarh which was such a well-planned cities and had all the potential to become an international center doesn’t have its own fully-functional International Airport.

He was speaking at a massive public rally in Chandigarh’s Sector-38 ground which was thronged by thousands of people who had come there to listen to Rahul Gandhi.

Amidst the venue flooded with people, Congress flags fluttering all around and the public shouting slogans in party’s favour, Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathering in a friendly and casual tone making Chandigarh and its people as the prime focus of his gripping speech.

While the crowd cheered Gandhi at every jibe he made at Modi, the National Party President took a moment to talk about the pleasant weather of Chandigarh when a gush of wind blew and he compared it with a revolution waiting to happen in India on 23rd of May when Congress will come back to power.

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