The world is set to travel soon after the Pandemic slows down says S M A Sheeraz Director Sheeraz Tours Pvt. Ltd.

The world is set to travel soon after the Pandemic slows down says S M A Sheeraz Director Sheeraz Tours Pvt. Ltd.

The Voice of Chandigarh:

H.C. Gera (Special Correspondent)

SMA Sheeraz without losing the farsightedness talks about the Sunrise in the travel industry on a solid footing. While expressing his views on the present situation he shares that the impact would depend on how long the pandemic lasts and could still be exacerbated by recent restrictive measures. There is an unprecedented challenge due to Corona Pandemic before the industry at the moment. Therefore, it may take some more time to recover. We will travel again, as soon as this pandemic slows down. Honestly, there will be a shift to touchless travel and a new health safety regime, supported by digital tools. This could help restore trust in ensuring a seamless journey.

On the issue to cancellation of Visas and Air Tickets, SMA Sheeraz says, that due to corona problem the money has been refunded in the agent’s credit account and the customers and the clients have been given the option to utilize the amount against cancellation within one year for facilitating the travel anytime. However, Sheeraz is utilizing the lockdown period to prepare for the upcoming demand by focusing on marketing and up-gradation. This ‘Stop Gap Plan’ is about maintaining a thread of communication with his customers and co- fellows whatever is possible. Sheeraz categorically states that ‘once the outbreak of the virus is contained and the world is set to travel again.’

It is imperative that hospitality companies need to adopt a lenient view against cancelled bookings and give due attention to domestic travellers as I believe domestic and pilgrim tours could be a popular tool in the time to come.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought the travel industry to a standstill, causing massive job and revenue losses. Political and financial commitments can bring tourism back on track. The travel Associations and other organizations ought to take up their issues with the Government for financial support in the form of the stimulus package and other waivers for the tourism industry for its long term survival. 

Sheeraz exhibits his literary talent when he mentions an inspirational quote by C.S. Lewis ‘Do not dare not to dare’ meaning to engage what frightens us. His further elaboration is equally interesting. According to Sheeraz accepting the challenge that something you want to do that freaks you out. Go for it!  Grab the opportunity. For a frequent traveller, travelling is not a liability but it is like a breather to survive and is always the biggest stress buster.

Sheeraz concludes with a new level of thinking “one should extensively travel in their own country first because there’s so much to discover and learn in one’s own land.” Believe me, we are going to travel again and again.

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