Travel Industry will be back with full force says Shravan Bhalla, General Secretary OTOAI

The Travel Industry will be back with full force says Shravan Bhalla, General Secretary OTOAI (Outbound Tour Operators Association of India)

The Voice of Chandigarh News:

H. C. Gera (Special Correspondent)

While understanding the intricacies of the present crisis due to COVID-19 Shravan Bhalla, General Secretary, OTOAI without losing hope shares that this is a difficult time for the whole world affected due to this Pandemic. The industry is already having bad times but this will not remain forever and things will start improving soon. Fervidly and with high spirits Sharvan states that the travel industry will be back into business with full force. No doubt it will be a slow process but one can expect a complete changeover. The OTOAI General Secretary pinning the hope about the development of a vaccine against Corona shared that business travellers, students, and the younger lot will lead the front line of travel which will be followed by the frequent travellers in the future.

Cancellation of Visas, Air Tickets and hotel bookings is a big concern as of now. The travel industry is dealing with the cancellation and refund to their clients. A sense of gratitude should prevail that majority of the Airlines are refunding the complete amount back. The lockdown period has been the most appropriate time to gain more knowledge by attending various travel destinations based webinars and few certificate courses for upscaling the skills. Shravan Bhalla talks about the mantras to overcome the crisis are to stay positive. At present, the travel agents and tour operators are at Zero income and fixed expenses. His conciliatory advice is that everyone is sailing in the same boat but days are not far away when the process will gain momentum and the travel industry people shall bounce back to normal.

The Aviation Industry is the hard-hit. The international services might commence by June. We need to follow the travel advisories stringently and follow the safety norms as prescribed and detailed by the Airlines and Airport Authority of India.

The travel will happen by all means. The temporary phase shall pass. The regular travellers especially the young brats and other travellers who cannot sit home for a longer time shall set to travel again. The advice to such enthusiastic travellers is to opt for short distances where it is safe to travel, to begin with.

So wait for a good time until the situation becomes normal.

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