Travel is one part of our life which is never going to stop says Ritu Bakshi

“Travel is one part of our life which is never going to stop” says Ritu Bakshi Account Director |Onyx Hospitality | Outbound Marketing

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Ritu Bakshi, exhibiting her positive attitude confidently says that the travel & hospitality industry which has been hit hard will bounce back as soon as the situation is improved.

Giving due importance to travel Ms. Ritu Bakshi further shared that travel is one part of our life which is never going to stop. She gives weightage to her statement and expresses that China, where the COVID-19 Pandemic started, has already brought the travel industry back on track by opening the doors of tourism. Millions of people in China have started travelling within the country for celebrating May Day Holidays. Thailand too is not far behind and is likely to come up with exciting plans to promote tourism shortly. The engine of the economy in both countries is going to gain momentum most likely in the next few months. The outbound industry is focusing on and expecting to target business in a profitable way during 2021.

Slightly deviating from the issue of cancellation of Visas and Air tickets and the consequent action, Ritu Bakshi stresses that during the moment of crisis our first priority is our health and family and it is important to keep all of us calm & composed. All organizations are working on the strategy and recovery plans to revive back in due course of time. Ritu expects flash sale offers from various segments which might stimulate the business by inducing cost-cutting on certain marketing activities in the times to come.
COVID-19 has affected the entire industry globe over but the tour & travel industry is the worst affected. We the industry people need to keep our spirits high. Expressing deep concern over the continuous downward trends of business, Ritu comes out openly that the travel industry is going to have a critical challenge for the next two years. The present crisis is likely to set a new precedent for doing business. Survival in the industry would depend upon industry collaborations, cohesion, and cost cuttings, being creative and digitally strong for doing the business. The application of advanced technology in the tourism industry will see new horizons in business. To root out the fear of travelling the enthusiastic travellers are to be convinced for staying safe, positive and observe all guidelines and other safety norms while travelling. In this way the fear will disappear automatically. 

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