By Harmandeep Singh Anand, Managing Director, Jagsons Travels Pvt. Ltd; Founder, Global Panorama Showcase

The Voice of Chandigarh News: Travel Trade Reporter

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” And what more than this current COVID situation could have been accurate. The recent Covid-19 situation has changed the lifestyle of every single individual. This pandemic reveals the strengths and weaknesses of every nation from the first world to the most vulnerable ones. But the most important thing is that it tells how a single virus can wipe out years of hard-work and place us 20 years behind. Industries and businesses worldwide have entered a perplexing situation, where they are trying to save years of efforts, and their employees, who are no less than family to them. When we talk about industries, travel & tourism is one of those that is and will be the first industry to be affected and the last industry to revive.

Travel & tourism consists 9.3% of the total Indian GDP, which is about one tenth. Not only is it an important fun and attractive factor but important for creating demand and for the growth of many other industries, directly as well as indirectly which in turn contributes to the overall development of a place worldwide. Tourism is not just about traveling to a particular place but also about nurturing and experiencing different societal, economical and cultural factors. Growth of the travel & tourism industry is directly proportional to the overall socio-economic growth.

From travel planning, transport & accommodation to site seeing, travel agents and tour operators prove to be a crucial backbone, putting nonstop effort day and night, to provide a quality experience, whether it be a 4 night 5day trip or exceeding a month. The recent situation has hit the travel, tourism and aviation with a solid rock. Although it has brought the industry to a standstill and coma, but rather than cribbing it is time we as an industry say hello to the new normal. This situation is a good opportunity for the government as well, to strengthen, reimagine and reorganize its role and support towards the capabilities of this sector. With national borders still under process of reopening, niche tourism will help build up consumer trust and help discover the domestic traits, which earlier were spread across the globe.

Now is the time to come forward and support each other locally and gather local consumers. Life is all about exploring, dreaming and discovering, and now our industry has that opportunity to redesign & strengthen the family by covering these areas of utmost importance. There was a world before covid-19 and there will be a world after it, but a refurbished one.

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