Vaccine Black-marketing and 4x Pricing in Punjab while Rajasthan throws Vaccines in Garbage”: Anurag Thakur

Vaccine Black-marketing and 4x Pricing in Punjab while Rajasthan throws Vaccines in Garbage”: Anurag Thakur

“Punjab Govt Profits, while Poor Pay Pandemic Premium”: Anurag Thakur

THE VOICE OF CHANDIGARH NEWS: Anurag Thakur MoS Finance & Corporate Affairs questioned the lack of transparency and accountability of the Punjab and Rajasthan governments on the vaccine issue.

Mr. Thakur said, “the Punjab government has shown a careless and callous attitude towards the people of the state by charging four times above the basic price of procurement. Why should an individual pay over Rs 3120 for two doses when the Centre is providing free vaccines to the state government?

Thakur said, “Central government has provided over 24 crore vaccines free of cost to the States/UTs during the pandemic period. As of today, over 2 crore vaccines are still available with them. They are administered for free at government hospitals. Instead of facilitating the vaccination process, Punjab Government is looting the people at the time of this pandemic. Without doubt black marketing is happening right under their nose.”

Mr. Thakur went on to say, “Punjab Government is hand in glove with private hospitals. They are creating a false narrative about vaccine scarcity and ensuring the lack of proper vaccination facilities at government hospitals. Why should a single dose of the vaccine cost Rs 1560 at a private hospital? Punjab government profits while the poor pay this pandemic premium on vaccines.”

MoS Mr. Thakur also lashed out at the Gehlot Government in Rajasthan, he said, “at over 35 vaccination centers, thousands of vials of vaccines have been found in the garbage or wasted. Is the Rajasthan Chief Minister really serious about saving lives? Over 11.50 Lakh doses were wasted by the state; Rajasthan government has blood on its hands.”

Mr. Thakur also questioned Rahul Gandhi and asked, “Rahul Gandhi tweets about vaccine shortage, has he ensured Congress ruled states prevent wastage? Will Rahul Gandhi investigate why vaccines have been supplied to Congress Cronies who are charging a ‘pandemic premium’ and indulging in black marketing, instead of saving lives of the poor? And does he have the courage to question his own Chief Ministers for charging a ‘pandemic premium’ on vaccines?”

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