Ontario’s Liberal MP’s Participate Week of Action for the Middle Class


Ontario’s Liberal MP’s Participate Week of Action for the Middle Class

52 of Ontario’s Liberal MP’s Participate

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54 of Ontario’s Liberal Members of ParliamentUntitled are holding a Week of Action for the Middle Class this week. They are just some of the 130 Liberal Members of Parliament participating across the country in the largest mass-mobilization activity Liberal Members of Parliament have held since the 2015 Federal Election. Running from November 12-19, the Week of Action for the Middle Class will see Liberal Members of Parliament holding events and meeting with voters to highlight the work they are doing to support the middle class and those working hard to join it in their community.

In Ontario, a variety of events are taking place, including:
Majid Jowhari, Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill, will be serving coffee at a local Tim Horton’s drive through and speaking with constituents over coffee.

Geng Tan, Member of Parliament for Don Valley North, is touring a local food bank to speak with volunteers and staff about their challenges and opportunities ahead of the holiday season.


Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament for Nepean, is hosting a town hall for senior constituents to connect with them about the issues that most concern them.

Since 2015, Liberal Members of Parliament have been focused on delivering real change for Canadians. Their actions are working.
Over 500,000 net new jobs have been created since the last election.


TBOGroup logo - eventsThe new Canada Child Benefit is providing an average payment of $2,300 more in benefits during the first year of benefits tax-free than the system it replaced.

9 million middle-class Canadians received a tax cut, with an average saving of $330 each year for single Canadians and $4540 for couples, while raising taxes on the wealthiest one percent.

Raised the Guaranteed Income Supplement top-up by $947, helping 900,000 vulnerable seniors gain greater financial security

Enhanced the Canada Pension Plan to increase the maximum level of pension earnings.

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