Aloha 2022 : We will always be Sacred Heart girls

Aloha 2022 : We will always be Sacred Heart girls

Things come to an end but memories last forever.

The Voice of Chandigarh:

The exuberant students of class 11 hosted a warm sendoff for their outgoing seniors. ‘Aloha 2022’commenced by invoking the blessings of the Almighty Lord. Melodious medley set the momentum for the other performances. A melànge of scintillating performances set the stage ablaze and the musical recital made the spellbound audience hum and sway to the mellifluous numbers. High powered Bhangra performance by the Mutiyaars was the show-stopper. The prime attraction was the coveted title of Ms Sacred Heart, for which elegant and confident girls vied against, each other. MsJaunitaRuchel Datta of Commerce stream was crowned Ms Sacred Heart 2022. MsAnusha Kuthiala and Ms Kriti Garg walked away with the first and second runner up titles.

Rev Sr Arti, the principal wished luck to the outgoing batch and reminded them that each Heartian walking out of the hallowed portals of the school embodies the Heartian legacy of being progressive citizens with deep-rooted humantarian values. She also commended the unrelenting endeavours of the students and teachers of class 11, which were explicitly reflected in the stupendous success of this phenomenal extravaganza. The show concluded with the school premises reverberating with the School anthem vocalized by Heartians standing tall and holding their head-high and singing together and loud – We will always be Sacred Heart girls.

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