Delhi ranked most polluted capital city in the world during AAP regime: Lamba

Delhi ranked most polluted capital city in the world during AAP regime: Lamba

AAP seek votes in City with false promises of cleanliness, freebies but ‘Delhi Model’ a total failure on all grounds

BJP, AAP ‘hand in glove’ against Cong: Alka Lamba


“Delhi has been ranked as the most polluted capital during the AAP government ,” said Alka Lamba, National Spokesperson of Congress in a press conference held at Chandigarh Congress Bhawan, Sector 35 today.

The conference was also attended by Abhishek Dutt, Coordinator AICC for MCC Elections, Subhash Chawla, President Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee (CTCC), DD Jindal, Senior Vice President, Rajesh Sharma and Rajiv Sharm, both  Spokespersons of CTCC.

“In 2013, Delhi was the green capital of the world with no 1 ranking but now it has become “the capital of pollution” and has been recently termed as “the most polluted capital city in the world”. All promises made by Kejriwal are nowhere to be seen now. He has made Delhi a mess on living standards, such as pollution, contamination, garbage etc. Due to wrong policies of AAP, water and air pollution has reached dangerous level in Delhi. For ‘Chhath Puja’ the women had to perform their rituals in the froth of Yamuna water. The AAP government has brought bad name to Delhi worldwide,” Lamba accused.

Delhi has been ranked as the most polluted capital and the 10th most polluted city in the world, according to the World Air Quality Report, 2020, released by the Swiss air technology company, IQAir.

Here in Chandigarh, AAP leaders are assuring to solve the garbage problem of Chandigarh but can they answer how they allowed the three landfilling sites which have turned into huge mountains of garbage up to the height of Qutub Minar, she asked.

Kejriwal is the most unaccountable chief minister in India who has not taken any responsibility of any portfolio or department in Delhi government in the last seven years, whereas he makes tall and long promises in other states. He has a solution for every state but not for the capital city where he is CM, she maintained.

Delhi CM has himself forgotten the principles which he wrote in his authored book ‘Swaraj’, said Lamba while displaying the book to media. Gone are the days when he used to wear a topi with “Jan Lokpal” written on one side and Swaraj on other side. The source of AAP is totally non-transparent, the party is spending hundreds of crores on averments. From where these funds are coming, she asked.

Delhi Lokayukta office is closed for the past one year, because there are numerous files having allegations of corruption against most of his MLAs, said Lamba.

“BJP is hand in glove with AAP against Congress in the Chandigarh MC poll. Both parties’ have a hidden agenda to befool people on false promises and are helping each other in the polls so as to garner votes. On seeing that Chandigarh people have already made up their mind to support Congress this time, now BJP has sent its Star Campaigner Arvind Kejriwal of AAP who is working as B team of BJP,”

Abhishek Dutt, national spokesperson AICC and vice president of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee reminded Kejriwal that in his Shapath Patra, he has taken an oath that he would never own a kothi or seek security. Now one can see how simple “aam aadmi” he is. He is now living in a palatial bungalow with a fleet of cars and dozens of security personnel. Though he claims adequate treatment for people in delhi hospitals but for his own health treatment, he goes outside Delhi, he said.

“The AAP government has planned to open 864 liquor shops in resident areas of Delhi and it’s also proposing to reduce the minimum age to buy liquor from 25 to 21 years. This is an irony that once they opposed liquor rampant use in society”, he said.

“Kejriwal is habitual of passing the bucks, be it availability of oxygen during Covid time, safety of women, law and order and security.”
Explaining the true meaning of the “Delhi Model” of AAP, he said it is in fact a high rate of water and air pollution, garbage dumping mismanagement and lack of sanitation.

Subash Chawla, Chandigarh congress Chief said that people of the city will give a befitting reply to BJP and APP by routing out both parties in the upcoming elections.

A party that came into existence for welfare of ‘Aam Aadmi’ has spent crores of rupees for publicity by siphoning-off general public taxes money. In Chandigarh too, the party is incurring huge amounts for poll campaigning, he asserted.

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