National Lok Adalat organized in the District Court Chandigarh

National Lok Adalat organized in the District Court Chandigarh


Under the aegis of the National Legal Services Authority, the State Legal Services Authority along with District Legal Services Authority, U.T., Chandigarh organized National Lok Adalat in the District Court, Sector 43, Chandigarh. Necessary directions regarding the safety of litigants, staff and Judicial officers of the Court during the current situation of pandemic issued by the competent authority have been adhered to.

Fifteen benches headed by the serving Judicial Officers were constituted in the District Courts, Sector-43, Chandigarh.  Criminal Compoundable cases, cases under Section 138 of N.I.Act, Bank Recovery cases, MACT Cases, Matrimonial Disputes, Labour Disputes, Arbitration matters, other Civil Cases,  Municipal Matters and Traffic Challans were taken up and disposed of with the consent of the parties.   

In National Lok Adalat total 7515 cases were disposed off by the benches of serving Judicial Officers constituted in District Courts Complex, Sector 43, Chandigarh which include 21 Criminal Compoundable cases involving an amount of Rs.29,020/-, 770 cases under Section 138 of N.I. Act involving an amount of Rs.8,20,80,467/-, 05 cases of Bank Recovery involving an amount of Rs.16,94,490/-,

32 Motor Accident Claim cases involving an amount of Rs.2,90,55,500/-, 34 Matrimonial/Family Disputes, 134 Civil Suits and Rent Cases involving an amount of Rs.1,42,51,185/-, 61 Executions involving an amount of Rs.85,68,542/-, 04 Criminal Revision, 16 Crl. Misc. involving an amount of Rs.3,53,222/-, 23 Civil Misc. involving an amount of Rs.26,02,110/-, 93 Arbitration cases, 9 Civil/Rent Appeals, 26 cases of 125 Cr.P.C., 18 cases of D.V. Act, 34 Shop Act Case involving fine of Rs.11,83,100/-, 7 Criminal Appeals involving an amount of Rs.2,12,000/- 11 cases of Guardian Act, 47 Untrace cases and 34 Municipal Matters involving an amount of Rs.1,500/- were settled, 6167 Traffic Challans were also disposed of by imposing a fine of Rs.4,48,200/-. 

In addition to the above, 41 cases involving an amount of Rs.80,64,946/- were disposed of by Permanent Lok Adalat (Public Utility Services), 36 pre-litigation cases involving an amount of Rs.20,69,993/-, 21 Labour Dispute Cases involving an amount of Rs.24,07,335/-.

Further additionally in the Consumer Court the National Lok Adalat was held. In the State Consumer Commission total number of 41 cases were taken up, of which 29 cases were disposed, in the District Commission (I & II) total number of 86 cases were taken up, of which 51 cases were disposed.

Further, as per directions of Hon’ble Mr Justice Jaswant Singh, Executive Chairman, State Legal Services Authority, UT Chandigarh as part of National Lok Adalat, a Special Jail Lok Adalat was held on 09.09.2021 in the premises of Model Jail Chandigarh. In the said Special Jail Lok Adalat total number of 81 cases were taken up and 59 cases were disposed off.    

Hon’ble Mr Justice Jaswant Singh, Executive Chairman, State Legal Services Authority,  Gurbir Singh, District & Sessions Judge, Chandigarh, Puneesh Jindia, Member Secretary, State Legal Services Authority, U.T, Chandigarh and Sh. Ashok Kumar Mann, Secretary, District Legal Service Authority, Chandigarh thanked for making this Lok Adalat a success and further appealed to resolve their disputes through the Lok Adalats as it provides quick and economical justice. 

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