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Tourism Authority of Thailand New Delhi Office recently organised a fam trip with the top travel media influencers, bloggers and vloggers to showcase the Amazing New Chapters of even more Amazing Thailand. The participants in the fam included winners of TAT’s two successful social media contests in India, #ThrowbackThailand2020 and #BlogYourThailand2021. The power influencer group consisted of travel writers, photographers, video content creators and a senior travel journalist/editor.

The specially designed itinerary took the group to the unchartered destinations as well as popular tourist hotspots of Phuket and its surroundings including Khao Lak. A sneak peek was also given to them how Bangkok is gearing up to welcome back a huge number of tourists after the pandemic is slowly subsiding. The team of creative content producers travelled like a group of young friends, facilitating each other, especially in their in-camera content and enjoying various adventure activities. Some of the unique activities included slow kayaking at Little Amazon, walking through the low carbon routes, exploring Phuket Old Town and visiting various local communities, reaching to the breathtaking Samet Nangshe view point in Phang Nga and rediscovering Bangkok in both cycling and walking tours at Klong Ong Ang Canal routes.

The slow travel experience in the low-carbon routes that is being promoted by Amazing Thailand in support of responsible and sustainable tourism and in remote areas to support the local community was a very soothing new experience for the group. They also saw the impeccable SHA protocols being followed by each hotel, car, eatery and every other service provider to keep everyone safe. The award-wining influencers have already created quite a buzz among their followers and the travel industry through their very creative posts in association with TAT.

Manjulika Pramod, reputed for her blog Pendown commented, “This trip was overwhelming, Thailand always has new things to explore differently, the unseen places and daring activities were highlights of my takeaway.”

Amit Singh, famous on Instagram and YouTube as the Desi Tourist expressed, “Despite coming to Thailand a few times, this trip was outstanding for me as I was not only guided by TAT but I also travelled with some of the best content creators.”

Parnashree Devi, the acclaimed blogger of My Travel Diary said, “The best part of this trip was that we explored Amazing New Chapters and did so many new activities to curate some of the best memories.”

Rajat Kapoor, an Instagram influencer and YouTube content creator reacted, “I have been to Thailand earlier but this trip opened new angles for me as a content creator and I am very much happy and thankful about that.”

Madhurima Chakraborty, also known as the Orange Wayfarer said, “This was one of my best trips to Thailand, I loved visiting Khao Lak, one of the most beautiful yet unchartered territories Indians must explore.”

Neha Sudan and Arindam Palit, the influencer couple much known for their handle, Breathtaking Postcards said, “This entire trip will remain a memorable one for us as it was totally a learning experience. We got to see Amazing Thailand beyond nightlight and parties – the beauty of its breathtaking nature and people and the trip was obviously an amazing one.”

“The participants in this trip are all best in their own fields. The great mix and variety of content creators coming together to travel to Thailand as a group of friends is bound to give an outcome that is even more amazing to rediscover the Amazing New Chapters, especially in promoting the Visit Thailand Year 2022,” summarized June Mukherjee, a senior journalist, and Founding Editor of The Asian Footprints.

Noticing the response from the entire trip’s buzzing activity, Vachirachai Sirisumpan, TAT New Delhi Office Director expressed, “It gives us immense pleasure that they enjoyed the offbeat destinations and we hope more tourists opt for them beyond the popular hotspots. I am really glad that these top-class content creators found Amazing Thailand even more amazing this time.”

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