Savita Kovind First Lady of India inaugurates the ‘Chandigarh Bird Park’

Savita Kovind First Lady of India inaugurates the ‘Chandigarh Bird Park’

Mrs Savita Kovind, Hon’ble First Lady of India inaugurated the ‘Chandigarh Bird Park’ today in the presence of Mrs Pushpa Devi Purohit, Hon’ble Lady Governor, Punjab.

The Department of Forest & Wildlife, UT Chandigarh has developed Bird Park at Nagar Van behind Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh for creating awareness among the general public towards bird conservation especially the young minds on nature education and conservation. These Aviaries have been created for the exotic birds which are commonly bred in India.

Main Attractions of this Bird Park are African Love Birds, Budgerigars, White Swan, Black Swan, Wood duck, Golden Pheasant, Yellow Golden Pheasant, Green Wing Macaw, Sun Conures, African Grey Parrot, Finches and Melanistic Pheasant.

The department has planned the enclosure in such a way that the birds, apart from having a free flight, ability to nest in the natural habitat, will stay at the aviary and visitors will be able to walk past them.

The park’s lush green spaces are covered by terrestrial plants, ferns, shrubs, bushes, aquatic plants, trees and creepers to provide every bird with an environment that is perfectly suited to its unique needs. Herbs, shrubs and trees have been planted to suit the birds’ natural habitat.

Mrs Savita Kovind visited the entire Park and appreciated the efforts made by Forest Department. She shared that the Bird Park will help to draw the attention of amateur bird watchers, environmentalists and ornithologists to this planned urban city where visitors can enjoy nature amidst their winged friends. The facility so created with a lot of commitment and professionalism will definitely go a long way in history.

Debendra Dalai, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Wildlife Warden, UT Chandigarh informed that Forest Department has established Bird Park over an area of 6.5 acres behind Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh which has been developed by providing ample space for each & every bird with 58 feet flying height with total ground area approx 200×150 feet each for terrestrial birds and aquatic birds. The facility has got two small aviaries and two walk-through aviaries. The structure is designed in a way that it surrounds thousands of plants of varying canopies, which gives an ideal habitat, food and shelter for these birds so that they can freely fly and breed.  It is believed that this structure would be the tallest structure of the country in the aviary domain for exotic birds. He further added the Park has also a Cafeteria and a Souvenir Shop. In order to avoid crowding inside the aviary, the visitors can visit the Park in different time slots from 17th November 2021 onwards.

The event was also attended by Dharam Pal, Adviser to the Administrator, Nitin Kumar Yadav, Secretary (Environment & Forests), Debendra Dalai, Chief Conservator of Forests & Mandip Brar, Deputy Commissioner, Nitika Pawar, Director (Tourism), Dr Abdul Qayum, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Jaswinder Kaur, MD CITCO and other officers of Chandigarh Administration.

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